Current Lessors to the State of Connecticut


  • As a Lessor, what are my responsibilities during the lease term?
    Answer: Please refer to your lease agreement for specific requirements and responsibilities.  If you have questions pertaining to the lease please contact DAS directly.  Do not contact the user-agency occupying the space.      
  • When does DAS normally begin the lease renewal process?
    Answer: Generally DAS begins the lease renewal process 18 months in advance of the lease termination or renewal notification date. 
  • What steps need to be taken in order for the State to continue leasing my property?
    Answer: In order to continue leasing space, the user-agency (State agency occupying the space) is required to obtain re-approval to remain in the leased space. Once the square footage and funding approvals are received, DAS will request proposals from the public. All proposals received will be considered. Current Lessors are encouraged to submit a lease proposal form if the current lease agreement does not include a renewal option. 
  • If my lease with the State of Connecticut has no renewal options, what do I have to do so my property is considered for a new lease term?
    Answer: DAS will advertise a request for proposals, i.e. RFP.  Please submit a lease proposal form in response to DAS’ RFP request.  RFP’s can be found under currently advertised solicitations or RFP’s under evaluation.
  • When does DAS require new carpet and paint?
    Answer: Section 4.06 of the Form Lease Agreement requires new carpet and paint every five years.  If DAS determines new carpet and/or paint is not necessary then DAS will expect to receive a rent credit equal to the cost of the carpet and/or paint that will not be required.
  • How is square footage defined in State leases?
    Answer: DAS uses a net usable square feet calculation to determine square footage for leased space. Net usable square feet is defined as the following:  The interior floor area of a building, used for office and other purposes, within the area leased by a tenant which is for its exclusive use:  any space shared in common with other tenants, such as, entrance and elevator lobbies; hallways, bathrooms, or used by management for other tenants, such as janitorial or electronic/mechanical closets, is not part of net usable area:  if these areas are for the sole use of a tenant, they may be counted in that tenant’s net usable area.  The measurement includes structural elements of the building found in the tenant’s space, such as columns and projections necessary to the building but excludes vertical space penetrations of the building such as elevators, stairwells, air shafts and stacks.  Measurement of net usable space is to the dominant (over 50%) inside face, such as window glass of the exterior wall; to the midpoint of a wall separating a tenant from an adjacent tenant; and to the inside face of a common corridor, elevator shaft, stairway or similar space. 
  • Where can I find an inventory of DAS leases
    Answer: Go to lease inventory to view all DAS leases.