State Insurance Risk Management Board


Statutory Responsibility

Pursuant to Connecticut's General Statutes Section 4a-19, 20 and 21, the principal duties of the Board are to:

  • Determine the method by which the State shall insure itself against losses by the purchase of insurance. 
  • Obtain the broadest coverage at the most reasonable cost.
  • Direct negotiations for the purchase of such insurance and determine the applicability of deductibles and self-insurance.
  • Designate the Agent or Agents of Record and select companies from which the insurance coverage shall be purchased. 
  • Negotiate all elements of insurance premiums and the agent's commission and/or fee for service and establish specifications and request bids for each insurance contract through the Agent of Record.
  • Develop and implement Risk Management and Loss Prevention Programs. 

The Board serves as the focal point of all non-employment related risk management and insurance matters affecting the State. As such, each agency, department, commission and board and its respective employees benefit from the Board's services by minimizing the financial effect of loss to property and providing protection and service for liability claims not precluded by sovereign immunity.