State Insurance Risk Management Board


  • What is a Certificate of Insurance?
    Answer: A certificate of insurance provides evidence to the certificate holder (the party to whom the certificate is issued) that the State of Connecticut carries insurance to satisfy various obligations, such as liability or loss or damage to property. The certificate of insurance shows the amount and type of insurance provided.
  • When do I need a Certificate of Insurance?
    Answer: When there are contractual or statutory requirements that require evidence of insurance.
  • How can I obtain a Certificate of Insurance?

    State agencies are occasionally requested to furnish proof of insurance for liability or property coverage to satisfy leasing/rental companies or other parties. The process for obtaining a Certificate of Insurance is as follows:

    You can obtain a Certificate of Insurance through SIRMB by completing the Certificate of Insurance Form. You can then email the form to SIRMB and the Certificate of Insurance will then be forwarded on to you.

    Each agency should be prepared to provide the necessary information in writing to the Board that will fully explain the need for the insurance and the intended purpose of the Certificate of Insurance.

    If you have any questions, please contact the SIRMB at (860) 713-5224.

  • Do I need a Certificate of Insurance if I am using another state facility?
    Answer: It is not necessary for a state agency to get a Certificate of Insurance to use another state facility, since the State of Connecticut is protected by governmental immunity.
  • What is an Additional Insured?
    Answer: An additional insured is an entity other than the named insured (State of Connecticut) who is protected under the terms of the insurance policy. Additional insureds are identified by name in the description section of the Certificate of Insurance.