Am I at risk from the Omicron variant and other COVID-19 variants?

Am I at risk from COVID-19 variants in Connecticut?

As we head into winter, the emergence of the latest Omicron variant reminds us how important it is to get vaccinated. 

COVID-19 variants in our state are being closely monitored by the relevant authorities. If you are in a vulnerable group, it is recommended that you continue to wear a mask, particularly indoors. Unvaccinated persons are at greater risk than those who are vaccinated, so getting your shots is critical to lowering your risk of infection by a COVID-19 variant.

Currently, several COVID-19 variants are being tracked in CT.  

The CDC and WHO are working to track the rate of variants and document the proportions of SARS-Cov-2 lineages emerging across the US at 2-week intervals.