UniteCT Program for Renters and Homeowners Impacted by the Pandemic

UniteCT is a new state program that provides rental and utility assistance to approved Connecticut households financially impacted by the pandemic.   

The program may give as much as $10,000 in rental assistance and up to $1,500 in electricity arrearage payments to landlords and utility companies, on behalf of qualified tenants. If you are a tenant or landlord you can apply and track your progress online.

Assistance will be available to you through a call center, housing counseling agencies, and other community partners across the state.

UniteCT aims to promote domestic stability for renters affected by the COVID pandemic by:


  • Helping renters who faced eviction prior to the pandemic ($5 million)
  • Rehousing people previously homeless or incarcerated ($5.8 million)
  • Providing short-term rental assistance ($26.7 million)
  • Making mortgage relief available to homeowners ($10 million)
  • Supporting renters disqualified from federal assistance due to immigration status ($3 million)
  • Providing homeowners extra time to file property taxes
  • Providing mortgage forbearance by working with local financial institutions
  • Extending one of the US’s most robust and longest-running eviction moratoriums

Several different organizations are coordinated under UniteCT to help families recover financially from the coronavirus pandemic, including municipalities, community-based networks, housing counseling agencies, nonprofit partners, and legal service organizations.

To learn more about help for renters and homeowners during the pandemic, please visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website.