Cost-Free State-Supported COVID Testing SitesĀ 

For additional COVID-19 testing options, please click here: Community-Based Testing Sites for COVID-19 |

The CDC has also developed a tool to search for COVID-19 testing locations: Testing Location |
Access cost free COVID testing at one of the state-sponsored testing sites listed below. No appointment is required. 

Testing sites may provide COVID-19 PCR tests through the collection of saliva or by nasal swab.  Locations conducting saliva collection are noted with an asterisk (*) and individuals planning to visit those sites should avoid drinking water or other drinks, brushing teeth, using mouth wash, eating food, chewing gum, vaping/smoking, and nasal sprays for 30 minutes before sample collection.  All other locations perform nasal swab collection.   





New Haven  


Additional Resources

Should you, or those you work with in your community be looking for fliers, information sheets, or assets from any of the state's campaigns, you can find them on the State's dedicated webpage. Promotional resources specifically for testing advertising can be found here