Can I leave my house to go shopping or go to work during the state’s coronavirus response?

Yes. You may travel freely and as needed for the purposes of caring for yourself and your family (going to the grocery store, the pharmacy, or to seek medical care) or for going to work at a business that is deemed essential during this public health crisis. 

The Governor is urging – not ordering – residents of Connecticut to stay safe, stay home, and help ensure the social distancing needed to slow the spread of highly contagious COVID-19 virus in Connecticut. You can still go to the park, go for a run, or do other outdoor activities as long as you stay at least six feet from others whenever possible. 

Note: “Safe stores” mandatory statewide rules:

Effective upon the opening of each retail establishment for the first time on April 3, 2020, every retail establishment in the state will be required to take additional protective measures to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 between and among customers, employees, and other persons such as delivery drivers and maintenance people. 

The order requires the commissioner of the Economic and Community Development to issue mandatory statewide rules prescribing such additional protective measures. Such rules will be mandatory throughout the state and supersede and preempt any current or contemplated municipal order.

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