Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities

Council Members

Robin Wood - Department of Developmental Services

Bryan Klimkiewicz - Department of Education

Alicia Kucharczyk - Department of Rehabilitation Services

Ann Gionet - Department of Public Health

Patricia Richardson - Department on Aging

Linda Rammler - UConn Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Gretchen Knauff - Disability Rights Connecticut (Connecticut's Protection and Advocacy Agency)

Joyce Lewis - Key Services (Private Agency)

Chris Blake - SARAH Tunxis (Private Agency)

Shelagh McClure - Parent

Megan O’Neill - Parent

Jim Rosen - Parent

Kevin Daly - Parent

Brenda Stenglein - Parent

Kathy Wolkner - Parent

Michael Scanlon - Self-Advocate

April Burke - Self-Advocate

Gary Gross - Self-Advocate

James Hexter - Self-Advocate

Ellyn Little - Self-Advocate

Meg McDermott - Self-Advocate

Tony Orriola - Self-Advocate