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Petition No. 750
Omnipoint Communications, Inc., a/k/a T-Mobile (T-Mobile)
Cromwell, Connecticut
Staff Report
January 25, 2006

On December 13, 2005, Connecticut Siting Council (Council) member Philip T. Ashton and Christina Lepage of Council staff met at the proposed site located at 100 Berlin Road in Cromwell to review this petition. T-Mobile proposes to construct a 111-foot pole. T-mobile is petitioning the Council for a declaratory ruling that no Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need (Certificate) is required for this facility.

An existing structure is located at the proposed site. This structure was built upon an abandoned billboard. The existing structure includes an 86-foot tower with multiple antennas that bring the total height to approximately 100 feet above ground level (agl). T-Mobile proposes to build a 111-foot pole that would be centered within and attached to the existing structure for support. The top of the antennas would be flush with the top of the proposed pole.

The current structure is made up of four I-beams with associated bracing. Two of the I-beams with x-bracing can be removed during the installation of the proposed pole provided that additional bracing be installed on the remaining two I-beams.

The associated equipment would be located on a ten-foot by five-foot concrete slab would be located to the south of the proposed pole. The existing 15-foot by 15-foot leased area is currently enclosed by chain link and barbed wire fence. The existing leased area would have to be expanded to fully enclose the proposed equipment.

The existing structure is located on a parcel that is zoned general business (BUS) and currently is the location of the Crowne Plaza Hotel (Cromwell). The property to the south and southeast of the parcel are also zoned BUS. The property to the east and north of the parcel are zoned residential.

T-Mobile has proposed this project to fill an existing gap in coverage along the Interstate 91 (I-91) corridor and its interchange with Route 372 in Cromwell.

The proposed cumulative radio frequency electromagnetic radiation is below the ANSI/IEEE standard.