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Ridgefield Substation
Ridgefield, Connecticut
Staff Report of August 12, 2004

On July 30, 2004, Connecticut Siting Council member Brian O’Neill and Robert Mercier of Council staff met with Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P) representative Robert Charpentier at the Ridgefield Substation on Halpin Lane in Ridgefield to review this petition. CL&P proposes to install two circuit switchers within the fenced area of the substation to provide for transformer protection.

The circuit switchers are needed due to the installation of underground cables on the 1470 and 1565 transmission lines. The existing trip system protecting the transformers would be ineffective since the underground cables cannot carry the trip signal that shuts down the transformers during emergencies. To resolve this issue, CL&P proposes to install two circuit switchers to provide for local transformer protection, eliminating the need for transfer trip equipment.

The circuit switchers would be installed between the existing disconnect switch and transformer. The proposed circuit switchers are 22 feet in height, similar in size and appearance to existing substation equipment. No expansion of the substation compound is necessary.

Visibility impacts of the proposed changes would be negligible. The substation is well screened from surrounding residences by woodlands. Noise generation would be negligible.

CL&P proposes to begin construction in October 2004 with completion by March 2005.