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PETITION NO. 1342GRE GACRUX LLC  petition for a CF North Haven LLC declaratory ruling, pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes §4-176 and §16-50k, for the proposed construction, maintenance and operation of a 4.98-megawatt AC solar photovoltaic electric generating facility located at 232 Rimmon Road and 700 Middletown Avenue, North Haven, Connecticut.


Petition, dated 4/10/18


Appendix A - Project Maps and Drawings

Appendix B - Stormwater Pollution Control Plan (SWCP)

Appendix C - Decommissioning and Restoration Plan

Appendix D - Carbon Debt Analysis

Appendix E - Letter in Support of Project from Town of East Haven

Appendix F - FAA Notice of Proposed Construction or Alternation

Appendix G - Phase IA Cultural Resources Assessment

Appendix H - Wetlands/Watercourses Delineation Report

Appendix I - CT DEEP March 22, 2018 NDDB Response Letter



      Council Decision and Staff Report, 06/08/18