State of Connecticut - Insurance Department


NOTICE – April 6, 2020
Covid19 and Auto Insurance Premiums
Personal Auto and Commercial Hired and Non-owned Auto Insurance
  1. Personal Auto Insurance Premiums. As a result of the Covid19 pandemic and the Governor’s Emergency Orders, consumers are directed to shelter in place and avoid non-essential driving. The Insurance Department believes it is generally understood that consumers are driving less during the pandemic and, as a consequence, being less exposed to motor vehicle accidents causing injuries and property damage. The Department is aware of a few insurers offering a premium credit to their customers reflecting this reduced exposure. In order to provide some relief to the many Connecticut drivers who are suffering financially from the consequences of the Covid19 pandemic, the Insurance Commissioner is urging all Connecticut automobile insurers to consider offering an immediate reduction in premiums to reflect the reduced exposure to automobile accidents. This could be accomplished through premium credits and could be implemented immediately. A filing could be made after-the-fact without penalty. The Department also encourages consumers to contact their insurers to request consideration for reduced auto premiums related to their reduced driving related to Covid19.
  2. Hired and Non-owned Vehicles. It has also come to the Department’s attention that businesses, in particular restaurants, have been forced to change their business models in terms of having to deliver food/meals due to social distancing directives. The Department encourages insurers to assist business owners who have had to begin deliveries by affording them coverage for those who request commercial Hired and Non-owned automobile insurance to protect their businesses, at least until the Governor’s Emergency Order has been lifted. The Department would also like to remind these sorts of delivery businesses that as an alternative to purchasing commercial auto insurance, they may want to consider partnering with ‘Gig’ delivery businesses as another possible delivery source.

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