State of Connecticut - Insurance Department

April 14, 2021
CONTACT: Jim Carson, Communications Director

Commissioner Mais Reminds Insurers to Avoid
Discriminatory Practices with Big Data


Connecticut Insurance Department (CID) Commissioner Andrew N. Mais issued a formal notice to insurers licensed by the Department that their use of technology and Big Data must be in full compliance with Federal and State anti-discrimination laws.

The notice issued April 14, came from recommendations made by the Department’s Advisory Council on Consumer Data. The Council identified the types of Big Data being collected, how the data is being used, legal and ethical issues with the use of Big Data, and how to better protect consumer information.

“The growing use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is changing the insurance landscape in many ways,” said Insurance Commissioner Andrew N. Mais. “As regulators, it is important that the Connecticut Insurance Department closely collaborates with all stakeholders to both support the growth of innovation and to protect consumers.”

“This notice acknowledges the changing, competitive and innovative business environment Connecticut insurance companies must operate in,” said Sonja Larkin-Thorne, Chair of the Advisory Council Subcommittee on Consumer Data. “The department continues to recognize the need to protect consumers and hold carriers accountable for the quality of all the data used in underwriting and rating.”

“Advisory council members included consumer advocates and industry representatives who played a central role in offering actionable steps that impact how companies can evolve with new technology, use the data collected safely and securely without discrimination, and serve their customers well,” Mais said. 

The Council’s mission aligned with Governor Lamont’s efforts to support businesses and consumers. The Insurance Department is working to be a facilitator with industry and innovative startups and support Governor Lamont’s efforts to streamline and re-engineer how state government serves Connecticut’s taxpayers.