How to obtain/create a list of licensees and appointees

Lists of licensees and appointees are made available online free of charge through the state Freedom of Information Act.

To obtain/create a list use the following link:

Click on License Inquiry if you want lists of individuals or business entities licensed by the Insurance Department. This application allows you to search our license database using demographic criteria, license dates, and/or license type. The result of each search is a list of licensees that can be downloaded to your PC in .csv format. Files in this format are compatible with most PC spreadsheet and database programs.

Click on Appointment Inquiry if you are looking for a list of appointees for a particular insurance company. If you want all appointees (both individuals and business entities) you will have to do two searches, one to retrieve individual appointments and another to retrieve business entity appointments. As with the License Inquiry above, the result of each search is a list of appointees that can be downloaded to your PC in .csv format.

If the information that you are looking for cannot be obtained using either the License Inquiry or the Appointment Inquiry, you may contact the Licensing Unit at 860-297-3849. A fee may be charged for these requests.