Catastrophe Licensing Program - FAQ's

  1. What is the difference between a Catastrophe Adjuster (CAT) and a CT Licensed Adjuster?

    A Catastrophe Adjuster (CAT) is an approved adjuster via a directive from Insurance Company for a time period of 120 days following a catastrophic event.

    This individual must either hold a license in another state or have a minimum of two (2) years of adjusting experience to obtain this registration.

    A Connecticut Licensed Adjuster is a direct licensee of the CT Department of Insurance for the standard adjuster license period. CT Licensed Adjusters are automatically approved to adjust emergency claims and do not have to be additionally registered for a storm by a Company representative in order to handle catastrophe claims. CT licensed Adjusters do not need to obtain a CAT registration.

  2. How does a Catastrophe Adjuster get registered by a Company?

    An approved Company representative must register an adjuster to work on their behalf in the State of Connecticut, via the Catastrophe Licensing Program.

  3. Can anyone from the Company register Catastrophe Adjusters with the State of Connecticut?

    No. Only registered Company representatives may register adjusters.

  4. Can CAT adjusters adjust claims prior to being registered?


  5. What must an adjuster possess in order to be registered by the Company representative?

    The adjuster must EITHER hold an active adjuster’s license in another state OR verify that they have a minimum of two (2) years of adjusting experience.

  6. Must a Catastrophe Adjuster wear photo identification while adjusting claims?

    Yes, the company must provide each individual with photo identification, which must be displayed at all times.

  7. If I hold an active Connecticut Adjuster license, do I need to obtain a Catastrophe registration?

    No, only individuals who are not currently licensed with the Connecticut Department of Insurance need to obtain a Catastrophe registration.

  8. I am a Public Adjuster; can I obtain a Catastrophe license?

    No, only Public Adjusters licensed by the Connecticut Department of Insurance will be permitted to operate within the state.

  9. What is the fee for a Catastrophe registration?

    No fees are required.

  10. I hold a Producer Property & Casualty license, can I adjust claims?

    Pursuant to Connecticut Regulations (38a-792-3), any Connecticut licensed Property and Casualty Producer of any Insurance Company has authority to settle losses not exceeding $1,500.00, when such losses are property damage losses.

  11. How do I contact the Insurance Department?

    Email: (In the subject line enter: Catastrophe)
    Phone: (860) 297-3849

  12. Where does the Company register Individuals for Catastrophe licensing?

  13. I do not want a Catastrophe License; I want to obtain a Connecticut Property and Casualty Claims Adjuster License. Where do I apply for this license?

    Business Entity:
    The fee for each license is $130.00

  14. Can I obtain a Catastrophe Adjuster License registration for my business entity?

    No, only individuals can obtain a Catastrophe Adjusters License registration.
    However, you may apply for a business entity license at:

  15. I am an individual who holds a license in another state and I do NOT hold a Connecticut Adjuster license. How can I obtain a Catastrophe Adjuster License Registration?

    Your company will need to register you. You may not obtain registration on your own.

  16. We are a third party licensing vendor, how do I register Adjusters for the Catastrophe registration?

    The Insurance Company has to register each individual; a third party vendor cannot obtain registration authority.

  17. Does my company need to register me for each Storm separately?

    Yes, you must be registered for each storm separately.