Risk Retention Group (RRG)


Allows groups to organize and purchase insurance as a single entity. See Bulletin FS-4RR-## (i.e.: Bulletin FS-4RR-21 - issued 2021)

Applicable Statutes

C.G.S. §38a-251 – see Laws and Regulations


Annual License Fee: $375.00


One (1) year

How to Apply

Application to Register as a Risk Retention Group

How to Renew

Not applicable.

How to Amend Lines of Authority

Submit UCAA License Amendment Form.

How to Reinstate a License

Not applicable.

How to change License information (ie.: email and address)

Not applicable.

Print a copy of the license

Not applicable.

Initial Education Requirements

Risk Retention Groups and Accredited Reinsurers

Waivers due to Designations


Renewal Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

Not applicable.

Cancel License

See Bulletin FS-4RR-##

Important Information

See Bulletin FS-4RR-##