Portable Electronic (Business Entity ONLY)


PORTABLE ELECTRONICS (Business Entity ONLY) – Insurance for the repair or replacement of a portable electronic device because of loss, theft, mechanical failure, malfunction, damage or other similar causes of loss. It does NOT include:

  • An extended warranty, as defined in section 42-260 of the general statutes, as amended by this act
  • An insurance policy covering a seller's or manufacturer's obligations under a warranty
  • Or a homeowners, renter's or other insurance policy that includes coverage similar to portable electronics insurance.

Applicable Statutes

C.G.S. §38a-397 – see Laws and Regulations


Initial: $600.00
Reinstatement: $600.00
Renewal: $450.00
No pro-rating, non-refundable $100.00 application fee.


Two (2) years – Renews January 31st each EVEN year.

How to Apply

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How to Amend Lines of Authority

Not applicable.

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Initial Education Requirements

Not applicable.

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