Medical Discount Plan (MDP)


MEDICAL DISCOUNT PLAN (MDP) – A business arrangement or contract in which a person, in exchange for payment, provides access for its members to providers of health care services and the right to receive health care services from those providers at a discount.

Applicable Statutes

C.G.S. §38a-479 – see Laws and Regulations


Initial: $625.00
Reinstatement: $625.00
Renewal: $625.00
No pro-rating, non-refundable application fee.


One (1) year – Renews December 31st EVERY year.

How to Apply

How to Renew

How to Amend Lines of Authority

Not applicable.

How to Reinstate a License

How to change License information (ie.: demographics)

Update your License Information

Print a copy of the license

Search and print a license

Initial Education Requirements

Not applicable.

Waivers due to Designations

Not applicable.

Renewal Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

Not applicable.

Cancel License

License Voluntary – Surrender Request

Important Information

FAQs about Medical Discount Plans