PRODUCERS WITH 01/31/06 NONRENEWAL DATE (Must Now Meet All First-Time/Initial Licensing Requirements)

As one (1) year has passed since your Connecticut Producer license nonrenewed, and you failed to satisfy all renewal requirements on or before 01/31/07, you must now meet all "first-time/initial" license requirements, as well as obtain all new insurance company appointments, to act as a Producer in this state. (CGS 38a-702f)

To obtain licensing requirements and fees, as well as links to applications and other forms:

  • Select
Applications and
  • Go to Producer License, Individual (orin the case of a Firm license that nonrenewed on 1/31/06, select the Producer License, Firm link, then 
  • Select the Initial link.
  • You will find everything you need to reinstate your cancelled license, including a link to electronic reinstatement for nonresident Producers.

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