Insurance Company Receiverships

Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 704c of the Connecticut General Statutes and upon order of the Superior Court, the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Connecticut is the receiver for insolvent or financially troubled Connecticut insurance companies, fraternal benefit societies and health care centers placed in judicially supervised receivership.   The Commissioner as receiver acts consistent with the statutes and orders of the Superior Court to facilitate the efficient administration of insurance company receiverships for the benefit of policyholders and other creditors.

Companies in Rehabilitation/Liquidation

HealthyCT, Inc. in Liquidation

National insurance receivership database

The Global Receivership Information Database (GRID) is a database maintained by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.  It contains data provided by the insurance receivers of the various states regarding insurance companies in receivership.  This data includes such items as company assets and liabilities, distributions made, claim liability detail and other useful company information for consumers, claimants and other interested parties.

Connecticut Guaranty Associations

Connecticut Insurance Guaranty Association – provides coverage for property and casualty (home/auto) insurance.

Connecticut Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association – provides coverage for life and health insurance.

Brochure: Insurance Guaranty Associations in Connecticut: The Consumers’ Safety Net.