Connecticut’s regulatory guide for InsurTech and industry innovators

Hartford is a recognized center for insurance and InsurTech excellence. Innovation in Connecticut has garnered significant support from the traditional carriers, education, state government and other stakeholders. The industry that has made Hartford the Insurance Capital is now helping lead the innovation in insurance and the Connecticut Insurance Department is committed to encouraging innovation while ensuring consumer protection.

Consumer protection is the primary mission of insurance regulation and encouraging innovation and use of technology can benefit consumers. The Department believes adoption of innovation and technology can offer consumers greater access to insurance, new products and services, enhance the customer experience and improve the claims process, underwriting and other insurance operations.

We encourage innovators and insurers to talk to us early in the process while products and services are still on the drawing board or in development so that we can work through any issues and explain how insurance is regulated. Contact us at

Regulatory efficiency can facilitate company and product licensing. The Department has a team dedicated to innovation and InsurTech. We provide clear Connecticut-specific guidance on product approval requirements in the System for Electronic Rates & Form Filings (SERFF). Our commitment to provide more choice to consumers has improved the our efficiency and effectiveness and significantly reduced our product review turnarounds times since 2015:

Product Review Turnaround Time chart
Connecticut Resources
Hartford InsurTech Hub: Home to the InsurTech Accelerator, the Hub helps InsurTech entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses by providing support, resources and connections to industry and investors.

InsurTech Hartford: A platform that creates events and networking for the InsurTech community and partners with state and local agencies.

CTNext: A public/private network of entrepreneurs, mentors and service providers helps support the growth of startups in Connecticut.

University of Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation: The Center’s InsurTech initiative is joint venture between UConn and the University of Hartford to develop InsurTech entrepreneurs and innovators.

Regulatory Collaboration
The Connecticut Insurance Department actively works with fellow state insurance regulators and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners on innovation and technology: Innovation & Technology Task Force and the Big Data Working Group.
Insurance Department InsurTech Contact: