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How to Apply For or Amend a Certificate of Authority

Domestic Admission/Redomestication

Prior to filing the UCAA Primary Application, the applicant must provide the Connecticut Insurance Department with a non-objection letter from its current state of domicile. Connecticut Specific Requirements for UCAA:

Primary Application

  • Only Hard Copy Filings are accepted - Currently the Connecticut Insurance Department does not accept paperless filings for primary applications.
  • Current examination report - The examination report “as of date” must not be more than five years prior to the date of application.
  • Location of Records - Applicants must comply with Connecticut General Statute section 38a-57 and maintain, within Connecticut, such records as the commissioner may require and such portion of its assets as the commissioner may deem necessary for the purpose of adequately protecting the insured.
  • Custodial Agreements - Custodial Agreements must be incompliance with Financial Statement Bulletin FS-2.

Foreign Admission

Effective April 1, 2017, all Expansion and Corporate Amendment Applications must be submitted using the NAIC/UCAA Electronic Application.

All applications must be submitted electronically unless an exemption from this requirement is granted.

Connecticut Specific Requirements for UCAA Expansion Application:

  • Seasoning requirement - Two years of active operation for applicant, proving itself a good going concern. Requirement may be waived if the applicant is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a currently admitted company.
  • Current examination report - The examination report “as of date” must not be more than five years prior to the date of application.
  • Biographical Affidavits - The NAIC biographical data must be completed for all officers and directors appearing on the jurat page of the most recent financial statement or quarterly report. Affidavits must be signed by the affiant within the previous twelve month period before the application date. Note: For applications submitted after December 31, 2018, biographical affidavits must be signed by the affiant within the previous six months.
  • Background Investigative reports - Biographical Affidavits must be verified by an independent third party that has been approved by the NAIC. See list of Approved Independent Third Party Investigations

Pursuant to Section 38a-41-4(5), any applicant whose application has been rejected or who has withdrawn its application may not reapply for a certificate of authority until a minimum of two years has expired. Please refer to this section of the regulation for further details.

NAIC Information

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) provides additional information about the Uniform Certificate of Authority Application (UCAA)

Foreign License amendment applications

Foreign admitted companies may make the following changes to their certificates of authority by utilizing the NAIC's UCAA corporate amendment package:

  • Add/delete a line of business on existing Certificate of Authority
  • Company name change
  • Redomestication of a foreign insurer (foreign to foreign)
  • Merger of two or more licensed foreign insurers
  • Pre-notification of a change of control of a foreign insurer
  • Notification of a change of control of a foreign insurer
  • Amended articles of incorporation
  • Amended bylaws
  • Change in Service of process

Retaliatory Statement - schedule of fees, taxes, and deposits