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Date Description
09/25/2018 BULLETIN PF-24 Accidental Death Benefit Policies and Riders (rescinds bulletin PF-07)
09/16/2013 BULLETIN PF-23 Rescission of Bulletins PF-15 and PF-15a
09/05/2003 BULLETIN PF-22 Increase of Coinsurance Range Acceptable to Connecticut Insurance Department
07/20/2001 BULLETIN PF-21 Voluntary Expedited Filing Procedures for Insurance Applications Developed to Allow Depository Institutions to Meet Their Disclosure Obligations Under Section 305 of the GRAMM-LEACH-BLILEY Act
06/11/1990 BULLETIN PF-19 Free Look Provision
07/25/1986 BULLETIN PF-16 All Applications - AIDS
11/04/1985 BULLETIN PF-15(a) Superseded by BULLETIN PF-23 Revision to Bulletin PF-15
02/10/1984 BULLETIN PF-15 Superseded by BULLETIN PF-23 Individual Single Premium Deferred Annuity (SPDAs) and Individual Single Premium Whole Life Policies (SPWLs)
10/17/1983 BULLETIN PF-13 Retention of Life and Accident and Health Policy Forms (Including Credit Life and Credit Accident and Health)
05/02/1980 BULLETIN PF-12 Public Act No. 79-300 - An Act Concerning Readable Language in Insurance Policies
09/20/1976 BULLETIN PF-08 Disclosure of Marketing Intent and Information
08/16/1974 BULLETIN PF-07 Accidental Death Benefit Policies and Riders
08/01/1973 BULLETIN PF-06 Hazardous Vocation and Avocation Riders
02/09/1973 BULLETIN PF-05 War Clauses and/or War Riders
12/15/2000 BULLETIN PF-04 Revised Approval of Life, Annuity and Accident and Health Policy Forms, Applications, Riders, Amendments and Endorsements
1970 BULLETIN PF-02 Policy Form - Disapproval List