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04/03/2020 (New) Bulletin HC-90-20A Filing Requirements for Individual and Small Employer Group Health Insurance Policies Subject to Affordable Care Act (ACA) (repealed and replaces HC-90-20)
03/26/2020 (New) BULLETIN IC-41 Extension of Coverage for Personal Delivery Drivers During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
03/24/2020 (New) BULLETIN FS-36 Compliance With Certain Filing Requirements in Light of COVID-19
03/24/2020 (New) BULLETIN IC-40 60-Day Grace Period for Insurance Premium Payments Due to the Disruption Caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak
03/09/2020 (New) BULLETIN IC-39 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak and Testing
03/04/2020 (New) BULLETIN HC-90-20 Filing Requirements For Individual and Small Employer Group Health Insurance Policies Subject to The Affordable Care Act (ACA) (Repealed and replaced HC-90-19)
03/04/2020 (New) BULLETIN HC-81-20 Health Insurance Rate Filing Submission Guidelines (Repealed and replaced HC-81-19)
01/03/2020 BULLETIN PC-90 Extended Warranty Contracts and Reimbursement Insurance Policies (Replacement of Bulletin PC-45-03 dated October 30, 2003 and Bulletin PC-84 dated June 16, 2017)
12/27/2019 BULLETIN HC-127 Repeal of Annual Fee on Health Insurance Providers
12/18/2019 BULLETIN S-18 Rate Reduction, Loss Control & Loss Mitigation Value Added Products and Services Offered or Provided By Insurers Health Care Centers and Fraternal Benefits Societies
12/12/2019 BULLETIN FS-35 Effective Date Changes Made to the Principle-Based Reserving Valuation Manual
BULLETIN FS-4C-19 Financial Reporting For CAPTIVE INSURERS 
BULLETIN FS-4RR-19 Financial Reporting and Other Requirements for RISK RETENTION GROUPS 
12/02/2019 BULLETIN FS 4-19 Annual Statement Click here for Checklists
12/02/2019 BULLETIN FS 4AR-19 Financial Reporting Requirements for ALL ACCREDITED REINSURERS
12/02/2019 BULLETIN FS 4SL-19 Financial Reporting Requirements for ALL ELIGIBLE SURPLUS LINES INSURERS