05/06/2019 BULLETIN HC-126 (New) Concerning Stop Loss Insurance Policies
03/19/2019 BULLETIN HC-125 Health Insurance Coverage for Infertility Treatment and Procedures Conn. – Gen. Stat. § 38a-509 and § 38a-536
02/15/2019 BULLETIN HC-90-19 Filing Requirements For Individual and Small Employer Group Health Insurance Policies Subject to The Affordable Care Act (ACA) (repealed and replaced HC-90-18)
02/15/2019 BULLETIN HC-81-19 Health Insurance Rate Filing Submission Guidelines (repealed and replaced HC-81-18)
02/06/2019 BULLETIN HC-117-19 Network Adequacy Review (repealed and replaced HC-117-18)
02/06/2019 BULLETIN HC-113-19 Annual Filing of Formularies (repealed and replaced Bulletin HC-113-17) - Click here for Formulary Survey Form