08/04/2021 (New) BULLETIN IC-45 Repeal of Bulletin IC-43 (This bulletin repeals Bulletin IC-43)
07/23/2021 (New) BULLETIN HC-92 Update of Bulletin PC-85 Concerning Insurance Rates for Voluntary Market Personal Risk Policies (This bulletin is intended to supersede Bulletin PC-85 dated July 14, 2017)
06/08/2021 BULLETIN IC-44 Terrorism Risk Insurance Data Call (This bulletin repeals and replaces Bulletin IC-38)
04/07/2021 BULLETIN HC-129 Health Insurance Coverage for Diabetes Testing and Treatment Revised Under Public Act No. 20-04
02/10/2021 BULLETIN IC-43 Connecticut Insurance Data Security Law (This bulletin is repealed by Bulletin IC-45)
01/07/2021 Bulletin HC-117-21 Network Adequacy Review
01/07/2021 Bulletin HC-90-21 Filing Requirements For Individual and Small Employer Group Insurance Policies Subject to The affordable Care Act (ACA)
01/07/2021 Bulletin HC-81-21 Health Insurance Rate Filing Submission Guidelines