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Forms and Reports For All State Contractors

Forms and Reports For Construction Contractor


Forms and Reports For State Agencies, Quasi-Public Agencies and Municipalities

Checklist for Municipalities
CHRO - Bid Language
CHRO - Intent to Award Contract Letter
CHRO - Contract Language - Municipal & Quasi-Public
CHRO - Contract Language - Non-Municipal 

CHRO - Notification of Contract Award

CHRO - Notification of Contract Award for Municipalities
Contract Compliance Tracking Sheet (CHRO Form cc-051)
CHRO - Street Paving Limited Exemption - 2023
CHRO - Request to Execute Contract
Quarterly Reports (rev. Sept. 2019)
Capital Improvement Quarterly Reports



CHRO Contractor Affidavit List

Link to DAS Supplier Diversity Site

State SBE/MBE Goals FY 17-18

State SBE/MBE Goals FY 18-19

State SBE/MBE Goals FY 19-20

State SBE/MBE Goals FY 20-21