The Connecticut Rivers Council, Boy Scouts of America and the Connecticut Commission on Fire Prevention and Control are teaming up to give boys, young men and women an opportunity to join Scouting. To accomplish this, we are seeking the assistance of local fire departments to host a two-hour open house program called Fire Up For Scouting. The Mt. Diablo Council in California has been using this method/relationship in cooperation with their local fire department for several years with great success.

The Fire Up For Scouting program will be held on Saturday, April 30th from 10:00 a.m. until noon. Local scout leaders from selected program sites will be making direct contact with local fire departments to seek their participation and set up the program. We sincerely hope that your fire department will endorse and support this terrific initiative in your station. If you would like to get information on the Scouting program closest to your station please contact Kathy Farnsworth at (860) 289-6669 Ext. 232 or

The benefits of the Fire Up For Scouting program include:

For local FD’s-

Opportunity to run Public Fire and Life Safety Education programs

Expose parents to potential volunteer opportunities within volunteer FD’s

An opportunity to expand your Exploring program*

Positive exposure within the community.

For Boy Scouts of America-

Opportunity for new boy’s to join Scouting

Expose new families regarding the value of Scouting

Possible program for advancement.

*If your FD does not have an Exploring program and you would like more information please contact Tom McMahon at (860)289-6669 Ext. 231 or

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