Small Aircraft Parachute Alert

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the National
Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have issued a safety advisory
to Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting services (ARFF) pertaining to
ballistic parachute systems in use by general aviation and
experimental aircraft across the country.  Ballistic parachute
systems are typically installed in smaller aircraft to be used in an
emergency situation.  During an emergency, the parachute
deploys and the aircraft drifts slowly to the ground.  The product is
gaining in use for general aviation and recently the company
manufacturing the product announced the saving of its 165th life.
Attached for your information is the Safety Alert and NTSB
  You will also find a website for the
manufacturer and the FAA Regional Office.
This information should receive the widest dissemination
possible in an effort to prevent first responder injuries should an
aircraft with one of these systems installed in it crash or become
involved in fire without the system activated.
If you should require additional information or guidance, please
contact Bradley International Airport Fire Chief John Duffy at(860)
627-3367 or at CSP Troop W Dispatch for an emergency at (860)