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Limited Access Highway Reimbursement Program

In 1959 Connecticut’s legislature established a reimbursement program for volunteer fire companies that respond to emergency incidents on limited access highways including the Berlin Turnpike, South Meadows Expressway and Route 8 in the Naugatuck Forest. Public Act 81-353 changed administration responsibility for this program to the State Fire Administrator. Currently each fire company which responds to an incident receives a reimbursement of one hundred dollars.

All questions regarding this program should be directed to Jeffrey J. Morrissette, State Fire Administrator jeff.morrissette@po.state.c t.us or Peter O’Neil, Fiscal Administrative Supervisor peter.oneil@po.state.ct.us

Connecticut General Statutes Section 13a-248.

Sec. 13a-248. Payments to volunteer fire companies for calls on limited access highways, Berlin Turnpike and South Meadows Expressway and Route 8 in the Naugatuck State Forest.

The State Fire Administrator shall pay to each volunteer fire company for each call to which it responds on any limited access highway, or on that section of the highway known as the Berlin Turnpike, which begins at the end of the existing Wilbur Cross Parkway in the town of Meriden and extends northerly along Route 15 to the beginning of that section of limited access highway in the town of Wethersfield known as the Wilbur Cross Parkway and the South Meadows Expressway, or on that section of Route 8 in Beacon Falls which is within the boundaries of the Naugatuck State Forest, the sum of one hundred dollars; provided, in relation to the Berlin Turnpike as herein described, such sum shall be payable only in respect to fires involving motor vehicles using the turnpike. Said Fire Administrator may designate a volunteer fire company to be responsible for the extinguishing of fires on any portion of such highways for which no fire protection is otherwise provided, and in each such case he shall pay to such company one hundred dollars per year in addition to the one-hundred-dollar fee herein provided for. (1959, P.A. 540, S. 1; 1961, P.A. 550; 1963, P.A. 226, S. 248; February, 1965, P.A. 592; 1967, P.A. 156; 1969, P.A. 607; 1971, P.A. 744; 750; P.A. 81-353, S. 4, 5.)

History: 1961 act extended application of section from Wilbur Cross and Merritt parkways and expressways only to limited access highways and Berlin Turnpike with proviso that application to turnpike cease on construction of limited access highway bypassing turnpike (provision re turnpike deleted as obsolete, limited access bypass having been constructed); 1963 act restated previous provisions: See title history; 1965 act increased amount payable from twenty-five to fifty dollars; 1967 act added provision re payment volunteer fire companies' response to calls on Berlin Turnpike; 1969 act increased payments for caller on limited access highway and Berlin Turnpike from fifty to seventy-five dollars; 1971 acts included in payment provision the section of Rte. 8 within boundaries of Naugatuck State Forest and increased payment for calls on specified highway to one hundred dollars; P.A. 81-353 changed "state fire marshal" to "state fire administrator".

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