Governor’s Budget Deficit Mitigation Plan to Impact Entry Level Training Reimbursement, Funding to Regional Fire Schools and the Supplemental Grant Program

      On November 24th, Governor M. Jodi Rell announced a comprehensive deficit mitigation plan intended to erase a shortfall of nearly $470 million in the state budget that took effect in September.  The plan includes both spending cuts made under Governor Rell's authority and cuts requiring legislative approval, further "fund sweeps" and - for the first time during this budget crisis - small cuts in municipal aid.

      Program reductions of 25% impacting grant programs administered by the Commission on Fire Prevention and Control require legislative action at a Special Session scheduled for December 15, 2009.  A summary of the reductions are as follows:

Firefighter Training I (Entry Level Training Reimbursement Program)


Payments to Volunteer Fire (Supplemental Grant Program)


Fire Training School – Willimantic




                                 New Haven
















      It should be noted the above proposed reductions are in addition to a 5% rescission enacted on November 5th as well as specific holdbacks totaling in excess of $175,000 to the Commission's budget when passed in September.

      Implementation of any reductions will await legislative action later in December.  For additional information please contact Jeffrey Morrissette, State Fire Administrator at (860) 627-6363 Ext. 230 or