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Governor Rell Proclaims

Annual "Day of Remembrance" for September 11

Governor M. Jodi Rell has issued a proclamation marking Connecticut’s annual statewide Day of Remembrance for the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

            “Contrary to the hopes of the terrorists, 9/11 and the days that followed were days of extraordinary unity – days of strength and shared comfort,” Governor Rell said. “In the years since that dark day, the details have faded for many but the attacks never lose their significance. We mourn the lost, as we always will, while celebrating once again the sense of unity and purpose. This is the special strength of the American character: the ability to emerge from trial with a new and stronger sense of hope and freedom.

            “We cannot end grief. We can only accept it, share it and endure it,” the Governor said. “We have done so – and we continue to do so. We also remember and forever honor the first responders who rushed to do their duty that day, heedless of the risks to themselves, and the men and women of the police departments, the fire departments and the emergency medical services who accept those same risks to keep us safe today.

            “And by our resolve, our commitment to remember and learn and improve, we continue to thwart those who hoped to break us down,” Governor Rell said. “For all of these reasons, Connecticut will forever remember September 11, 2001.”

            Governor Rell will once again participate in the state’s annual September 11 memorial service, to be held September 9 at Sherwood Island State Park. The state’s memorial to the 156 people with ties to Connecticut who died that day is located on the peninsula where people gathered on 9/11 to observe lower Manhattan. Later, the park was used as a staging area for Connecticut’s relief efforts to New York City

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