Official Declaration From


WHEREAS, thousands of dedicated firefighters, whether career or volunteer, give tirelessly and unselfishly of their time, energy, talents, and expertise to save lives and property in communities throughout Connecticut; and

WHEREAS, firefighters stand ready to meet any challenge that endangers life or property in their communities. Considerations of time, season, or weather have no bearing on the commitment of fire department members; and

WHEREAS, the dedication and valor of firefighters inspire trust, pride, and admiration; and

WHEREAS, the people of Connecticut owe firefighters recognition and gratitude for their courage and heroism; and

WHEREAS, it is the hope of many that firefighters across the State continue to protect our property and families as they have in the past; now

THEREFORE, I, M. JODI RELL, Governor of the State of Connecticut, in appreciation of the outstanding services that firefighters provide, do hereby officially proclaim September 6, 2009, as FIREFIGHTERS DAY in the State of Connecticut. I urge all of our residents to recognize the valuable role that firefighters play in our lives. 

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