The Joint Council of Connecticut Fire Service Organizations proudly presented this year's Fire Service Day at the Capital on April 30, 2003.
This was an opportunity forour State Legislators and staff to view displays and to have discussions relating to fire service issues and topics with representatives of Connecticut's Fire Service Organizations.
 Among those taking part in this year's program were:
Hartford Fire Department
Connecticut Fire Marshal's Association
East Lyme Fire Marshal's Bureau
East Hartford Fire Department
Connecticut Fire Photographers Association
Uniformed Professional Firefighters Association of Connecticut
Connecticut Fire Department Instructors Association
Commission on Fire Prevention and Control
South District FF Local 3918 IAFF
Hartford County Regional Fire School
Connecticut State Firefighters Association
Valley Fire School
Connecticut State FF Association Education Committee
Connecticut Office of Emergency Management
Tolland County Mutual Aid Fire Service
UConn Health Center Fire Department
Town of Manchester Fire Department
Westport Fire Department
Scenes from Fire Service Day at the Capital 2003
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