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DMV Regulation Change

Fire Apparatus License Endorsement

The Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies are amended by adding section 14-36a-l as follows:

Sec. 14-36a-1.  Special license endorsement

Each holder of a Class D motor vehicle operator's license who operates or intends to operate any fire apparatus vehicle may apply to the commissioner for a special license endorsement, to be designated as a' 'Q" endorsement. The' 'Q" endorsement shall authorize the operation of any fire apparatus vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of over 26,001 pounds. No such endorsement shall be issued to any such person until he or she demonstrates personally to the commissioner, or to the commissioner's designee, by means of testing in a representative vehicle, as author­ized by the chief of a fire department, that he or she possesses the skills necessary to operate such fire apparatus vehicle.

Statement of purpose: To establish a special license endorsement for certain Connecticut firefighters.

Be it known that the foregoing regulations are adopted by the aforesaid agency pursuant to Sec. 14­36 of the General Statutes, as amended by Section 3 of Public Act No. 04-2 I 7 of the Public Acts, after publication in the Connecticut Law Journal on December 28, 2004, of the notice of the proposal to adopt such regulations.

Wherefore, the foregoing regulations are hereby adopted, effective when filed with the Secretary of the State.

In Witness Whereof: February 2, 2005, Ralph J. Carpenter, Commissioner.

Approved by the Attorney General as to legal sufficiency in accordance with Sec. 4-169, as amended, Connecticut General Statutes: April 20, 2005.

Approved by the Legislative Regulation Review Committee in accordance with Sec. 4-170, as amended, of the General Statutes: July 7, 2005.

Two certified copies received and filed, and one such copy forwarded to the Commission on Official Legal Publications in accordance with Sec. 4- 172, as amended, of the General Statutes, Secretary of the State: August 4, 2005.