Compilation of the
Connecticut General Statutes
Relating to Firefighters, Firefighting and Public Safety

Title 1. Provisions of General Application

1-19 Access to Public Records
1-20a Public Employment Contracts
1-21 Meetings of Government Agencies

Title 3. State Elective Officers

3-123 Relief to Members of State Fireman's Association
3-123a Disbursement of Funds

Title 4. State Management of State Agencies

4-58a Mutual Aid Fire Pacts

Title 4b. State Real Property

4b-11 Supervision of State Property

Title 5. State Employees

5-142 Disability Compensation
5-145a Hypertension or Heart Disease
5-198 Exempt Positions
5-249 Leave for Volunteer Fire or Ambulance Duty

Title 7. Municipalities

7-6 Eligibility to Vote
7-148 Scope of Municipal Powers
7-157 Publication Referendum
7-169 Bingo
7-170 - Raffles & Bazaars
7-282 Accident and Police Records
7-301 Fire Department
7-302 Hearing Prior to Dismissal of Fire Head
7-303 Definitions
7-304 Participation of Municipalities
7-305 Work Week
7-306 Earnings
7-308 Assumption of Liability for Damages
7-310 Assistance to Other Municipality
7-311 Liability for Delay in Reporting
7-312 Liability as to Use of Water Holes
7-313a Fire Police
7-313b Authority to Order Removal of Persons
7-313c Indemnification for Education Expenses
7-313d Authority to Inspect State Facilities
7-313e Authority During Emergency
7-314 Exemption from Public Records and Meetings Law
7-314a Death, Disability and Injury Benefits
7-322a Benefits for Volunteers Rendering Service to Another Company
7-323a - Policeman & Firemen Survivors Benefit Fund
7-323j - Commission on Fire Prevention and Control
7-323n Office of State Fire Administration
7-323o State Fire Administrator
7-323p State Fire School
7-323q Indemnification of Fire Service Instructors
7-324 Continuation of Former Districts
7-325 Organization
7-326 Purposes
7-328 Taxation
7-328a Home Rule Action
7-329 Termination of District
7-339a - Interlocal Agreements
7-359 Reserve Fund for Capitol and Nonrecurring
7-360 - Expenditures
7-370 - Municipal Bonds
7-381 Definitions
7-382 Adopt ion of Uniform Fiscal Year
7-383 Due Date of Tax Levy
7-384 - Bonds and Notes
7-388 Annual Budget Meetings
7-389 Financing Change in Fiscal Year
7-390 Publication of Budget
7-391 Definitions
7-392 - Audits
7-397 Repeal of Charter Provisions
7-400 - Investment of Funds
7-405 Expenditures Before Adoption of Budgets
7-405a Borrowing in Anticipation of Receipt of Funds
7-407 Method of Adoption
7-408 - Civil Service Employees
7-425 - Retirement Fund
7-433a Disability or Death Caused by Hypertension or Heart Disease
7-433b Survivors Benefits
7-433c Benefits for Death or Disability Resulting from Hypertension
or Heart Disease
7-433d Injury or Death While Engaged With Another Company
7-434 - Continuity of Service
7-435 Retirement Benefits for Members of Fund A
7-436 Retirement Benefits for Members of Fund B
7-436a Exclusion
7-436b Credit for Military Service
7-437 Retirement Allowance and Social Security Benefits
to Equal Sum Payable Under Retirement System Alone
7-438 Continuation of Retirement Allowance Upon Other
Public Employment
7-439b Cost of living Adjustment
7-439g Optional Forms of Retirement Income
7-440 Contributions by Members
7-441 Contributions By Municipalities
7-442 - Transfer
7-443 Initial Rates of Contribution by Municipality
7-444 Withdrawal by a Municipality
7-445 Liability of Municipality
7-446 Assignments Prohibited
7-447 Custody and Investment Funds
7-448 Administration of Part
7-449 Effect of Amendment or Repeal of part
7-450 Establishment of Pension and Retirement Systems
7-451 Retroactive Coverage
7-452 - Federal Old Age and Survivors' Insurance
7-460 Compensation of Officials and Employees
7-461 Leave of Absence for Reserve Corps Field Training
7-462 Reinstatement After Military Leave
7-464 Group Insurance Benefits, Age Discrimination
7-464a Deferred Compensation Plan
7-467 - Collective Bargaining
7-479 Conflicts of Interest

Title 10. Education and Culture

10-29a Proclamation of Fire Prevention and Volunteer Firefighter Days
10-231 Fire Drills

Title 12. Taxation

12-81 Exemptions

Title 13a. Highways and Bridges

13a-248 Payments to Volunteer Fire Companies for Calls on
Limited Access Highways

Title 13b. Transportation

13b-363 Clearing Land Adjacent to Railroad Right of Way

Title 14. Motor Vehicles. Use of the Highway
by Motor Vehicles, Gasoline

14-16a Historical or Special Interest Fire Apparatus
14-18 Display of Number Plates, Stickers and Toll Plates
14-19 Registration of Fire Apparatus
14-49 Fees for Miscellaneous Registration
14-66 Wreckers
14-96p Color of Lights
14-96q Special Restrictions on Lamps
14-251 Parking Vehicles
14-283 Rights of Emergency Vehicles
14-296b Following or Parking Near Fire Apparatus

Title 15. Navigation and Aeronautics

15-129 Safety Devices and Equipment for Vessels
15-130a Powers of Officers

Title 16. Public Service Companies

16-233 Tele graph and Telephone Poles for Municipal Purposes

Title 16a. Planning and Energy Policy

16a-13 Aggrieved Parties
16a-13c Violation of Energy Emergency Plan

Title 19a. Public Health and Well Being

19a-82 Consultative Services
19a-175 Definitions for Emergency Medical Services
19a-176 State Wide Emergency Medical Care Service
19a-177 Duties of Commissioner
19a-178 Office of Emergency Medical Services
19a-180 Certification and Licensure of Ambulance and Rescue Services
19a-189 Definitions
19a-190 Municipal Contracts with Volunteer Ambulance Companies
19a-191 Volunteer Ambulance Personnel Compensated Under Chapter 586
19a-192 Benefits for Volunteers Serving Another Ambulance Company
19a-194 Motorcycle Rescue Vehicles
19a-195 Regulations Re: Staffing Emergency Medical Response Vehicles
19a-363 Powers of Local Authorities Not Abrogated
19a-364 Enforcement
19a-422 Requirements for Licensing of Camps

Title 21a. Consumer Protection

21a-12 U se of Chemicals in Removing Soot from Chimneys & Flues
21a-165 Le gal Test for Oil

Title 22a. Environmental Protection

22a-174 Powers of Commissioner
22a-449 Duties and Powers of Commissioner
22a-601 Connecticut Emergency Response Commission
22a-607 Notification by Owner or Operator of Facility Subject to
Requirements of Emergency Planning and Community Right
to Know Act

Title 23 Parks, Forests and Public Shade Trees

23-33 State Forester to be State Forest Fire Warden
23-34 Prosecutorial Powers
23-35 Firefighting Crews
23-36 Powers and Duties of State Forest Fire Warden
23-37 Powers and Duties of State Forest Fire Control Personnel
23-37a - Forest Firefighting Equipment
23-38 Posting of Notices Containing Fire Laws
23-39 Compensation of Wardens and Firefighters
23-40 Patrolmen
23-41 Disposal of Receipts
23-42 Liability of Railroads for Damages Caused by Sparks
23-43 Determination of Railroad Fire Hazards
23-44 Protection from Railroad Fire Hazards
23-45 Regulations by Commissioner
23-46 Disposal of Cut Brush Along Highways
23-47 Forest Fire Hazards
23-48 Kindling Fire in the Open
23-49a Declaration of Burning Ban
23-50 Closing of Forests by Governor
23-51 Maintenance of Abandoned Highways for Fire Prevention

Title 26. Fisheries and Game

26-25 Commissioner May Declare Closed or Extend Open Season
26-88 Use of Explosives
26-89 Cutting Trees or Using Fire to Take Raccoon

Title 28. Civil Preparedness and Emergency Services

28-1 Definitions
28-2 Emergency Management
28-3 Political Activity
28-4 Agreements with Other States
28-5 Preparation for Civil Preparedness
28-6 Mutual Aid or Mobil Support Units
28-7 Local and Joint Organizations
28-8 Outside Aid by Local Police, Fire or Other Preparedness Forces
28-8a Municipal Chief Executive Officers' Powers During Emergency
28-9 - Civil Preparedness Emergency; Governors Powers
28-11 Taking of Property During Emergency
28-12 Loyalty Oath
28-13 Immunity from Liability
28-14 Compensation for Death Disability or Injury
28-15 Federal Aid
28-16 Stockpile of Supplies
28-17 Employees Not to be Discharged for Civil Preparedness Activity
28-18 Execution of Orders by Regulations
28-20 Agreements for Storage of Federally-Owned Property
28-21 Use of Premises as Shelter
28-22 Penalty
28-23 Interstate Civil Defense and Disaster Compact
28-24 Bureau of State-Wide Emergency Telecommunications
28-25 - Enhanced 9-1-1 Telephone System

Title 29. Public Safety & State Police

29-4 State Police Force
29-28 Permit for Selling or Carrying Pistols or Revolvers
29-29 Information Concerning Criminal Records of Applicants for Permits
29-109 - Moving Pictures & Movie Theaters
29-132 - Amusement Rides and Devices
29-143a Fire Protection at Places of Public Amusement or Exhibition
29-251 Appointment and Duties of Codes and Standards Committee
29-252 - State Building Code
29-260 Municipal Building Official to Administer Code
29-261 Qualifications of Building Official and Assistant Building Officials
29-262 Licensure of Building Officials
29-263 Permit to Construct or Alter
29-264 Approval of Sets of Building Plans by State Building Inspector
29-265 Certificate of Occupancy
29-266 Municipal Board of Appeals
29-267 Tenement House Act Provision Re: Room Size
29-269 Standards for Construction of Buildings to Accommodate Physically
Handicapped Persons
29-271 Units for Physically Disabled in State Assisted Housing
29-274 Exemptions from State Building Code Standard
29-277 Urea-Formaldehyde Insulation
29-292 - Fire Safety Code
29-297 - Local Fire Marshals and Deputies
29-300 Hearing Prior to Dismissal
29-301 One Fire Marshal for Several Municipalities
29-302 Investigations
29-303 Report of Fires
29-304 Fee for Investigations
29-305 Inspection by Local Fire Marshal Reports
29-306 Abatement of Fire Hazards
29-307 Fire Hazards in Manufacturing Establishments
29-307a Hazardous Material in Manufacturing Establishments
29-308 State Fire Marshal May Take Original Jurisdiction to Abate Fire
29-308a State Fire Marshal to set Priorities for State Residential Facility
Improvement Projects
29-309 Appeal
29-310 Investigation of Origin of Fires or Explosions
29-311 Fire Investigations
29-312 Power of Deputy Fire Marshal
29-313 Fire Extinguishers
29-314 Sale of Fire Extinguishers & Flame Proofing Compounds
29-315 Fire Extinguishing System Required for Certain Buildings
for Human Occupancy
29-316 Regulation of Fuel Oil Burners
29-317 Regulation of Installation of Oil Burners
29-318 Space Heaters Prohibited
29-318a - Un vented Fuel Burning Room Heaters
29-319 Fuel Emergency
29-320 - Regulations Concerning Flammable or Combustible Liquids
29-325 - Fire Hazards in Dry Cleaning
29-330 Regulation Concerning Liquefied Petroleum Gas
29-335a - Transportation and Handling of Propane Gas
29-336 - Hazardous Chemicals
29-342 - Transportation Plan
29-343 - Explosives
29-356 - Fire Works
29-367 - Regulation of Model Rocketry
29-381 Public Safety in Assembly Halls and Theaters
29-389 Stairways and Fire Escapes on Certain Buildings
29-390 Egress From Workshops and Manufactures
29-391 Liability of Owner
29-393 - Building Inspectors
29-406 Permit for Destructure

Title 38a. Insurance

38a-318 Information to be furnished Relative to Fire Losses
38a-351 Automobile Liability Insurance for Volunteer Firemen and Members
of Volunteer Ambulance Companies

Title 45a. Probate Courts and Procedure

45a-10 Fire Resistant Safe or Vault

Title 46a. Human Rights

46a-54 Commission Powers
46a-58 Cross Burning, Penalty
46a-60 Discriminatory Employment Practices Prohibited
46a-82 Complaint: Filing

Title 48. Eminent Domain

48-7 Town, Borough or Fire District May Condemn Land for Square
Common or Park
48-8 Town May Condom Land for Records Building

Title 52. Civil Actions

52-260 Witness Fees
52-557b Good Samaritan Law
52-559 Damages for Spreading Fire

Title 53a. Penal Code

53a-1 Short Title
53a-2 Application and Scope
53a-3 Definitions
53a-17 Conduct Required or Authorized by Law or Judicial Decree
53a-18 Use of Reasonable Physical Force or Deadly Physical Force
53a-19 Use of Physical Force in Defense of Person
53a-21 Use of Physical Force in Defense of Property
53a-22 Use of Physical Force in Making Arrest or Preventing Escape
53a-23 Use of Physical Force to Resist Arrest Not Justified
53a-24 Offense Defined
53a-25 Felony: Definition, Classification, Designation
53a-26 Misdemeanor: Definition, Classification, Designation
53a-27 Violation: Definition, Designation
53a-54c Felony Murder
53a-54d Arson Murder
53a-60 Assault in the Second Degree
53a-100 Definitions
53a-111 Arson in the First Degree
53a-112 Arson in the Second Degree
53a-113 Arson in the Third Degree
53a-114 Reckless Burning
53a-115 Criminal Mischief in the First Degree
53a-116 Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree
53a-117 Criminal Mischief in the Third Degree
53a-117a Criminal Mischief in the Fourth Degree
53a-167a Interfering With an Officer
53a-167b Failure to Assist a Peace Officer or Fireman
53a-175 Riot in the First Degree
53a-176 Riot in the Second Degree
53a-177 Unlawful Assembly
53a-179 Criminal Advocacy
53a-179a Inciting Injury to Persons or Property
53a-180 Falsely Reporting and Incident
53a-181 Breach of Peace
53a-182 Disorderly Conduct
53a-183 Harassment in the Second Degree
53a-215 Insurance Fraud