CFPC Listserv Messages

Many of you may be aware there have been significant technical issues with our (CFPC) and other state agency ListServs including DOTs Traffic Delay/Accident Notification system.  Some recipients have received the same message(s) repeatedly beginning last week.  Most of the problems were limited to SBCGlobal and Yahoo accounts but we have been alerted some other ISPs are now being impacted.  Therefore DAS/BEST who hosts the web based software has requested we suspend publishing anything further until the problem is resolved.  Below is their request.  Please be aware there will not be any CFPC listserv messages posted until the problem is remedied.  

My name is Len Smith and I am a Director at DAS/BEST.  One of my responsibilities is oversight of our enterprise mail service, which includes our list server, of which you are a customer.  I am writing to our list server customers with some important information.

At the moment, we are encountering a problem related to outbound mail that are sent in batches to destinations outside the state.  This issue manifests itself in a recipient getting multiple copies of a listserv mailing.  This is happening because our mail environment is not getting an acknowledgement from the recipient system that the mail was successfully received, which results in the retransmission of the mail. 

Therefore, we are asking all of our list server customers to suspend publishing anything through the enterprise listserv until we have resolved this issue.  Emergency communications are exempt from this request. 

We will send out another communication as soon as we have identified the issue or if further updates are warranted.  At the moment, we do not have an ETA on a resolution but we have staff actively working on this issue.

We appreciate your understanding as we work through this issue.



Jeffrey J. Morrissette, State Fire Administrator