Effective June 15, 2020 FPC Training & Certification activities have begun a restart phase following a pause due to COVID-19

·       HOSE

FIRE HOSE AND NOZZLES - PART 1 - IFSTA - 1/2” VHS, 30 minutes

Clearly demonstrates hoses, adapters, couplers, and other equipment used to join and extend hoselines. Also demonstrates how to roll, carry, drag, and load hose onto a pumper, and demonstrates hose cleaning, repair, and inspection. Firefighter I level.

FIRE HOSE AND NOZZLES - PART 2 - IFSTA - 1/2” VHS, 30 minutes

At a fire scene on ladders, stairways, and the ground floor of a building, this demonstration of hose and nozzles uses both dry and charged hose. Shows hook-up and advancing the hose to the fire. Covers both individual and team hose handling, emphasizing speed, efficiency, and safety. Firefighter I level.