Web Page Instructions

NOTE: Online registration is limited to selected no cost courses/special programs/offerings that appear on the CFPC WebSite only.

The following programs are currently available for Online registration. Click the link(s) below to be redirected to the Registration Page:

Grant Writing Workshops

New users may want to print this page for reference during the login process.

Steps to create a User ID and Password to Register for special courses/events on line

To register for an event go to the Commission on Fire Prevention and Control and Connecticut Fire Academy website at www.ct.gov/cfpc and click on the LOGIN which is located at the very bottom of the page (this takes you to the Site Access Page)

If you have registered a USER ID and PASSWORD on another occasion, you can enter that information and continue to register for a workshop/event

If you do not have a USER ID and PASSWORD, Click on the Register button (this takes you to the CFPC Subscription Registration Page)

Fill out the registration page and submit the information by clicking the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. (Make sure to take note of the USER ID and PASSWORD that you chose for use at a future time)

Next this will take you to the subscribe to e-alerts page, choose the categories if any, you wish to be notified of

Click Subscribe at the bottom of the page

You will be sent to the Account Registration Acceptance page which states you may now log in to the CFPC web site

Click the hypertext LOG in to the CFPC

Return to the Site Access Page to input your new USER ID and PASSWORD and click the Login button, this will take you to the Welcome Page with additional information

Scroll down and Click on hypertext that will allow you to return to the main page

Register for Workshop/Event that you wish to attend