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NFA Is Seeking
Video Footage Of Incidents

The National Fire Academy (NFA) is currently developing an instructional Incident Command System (ICS) video program to supplement NFA courses.

The NFA is looking for video from the field that might be incorporated into this program. Specifically, the NFA is looking for video footage of incidents where ICS was used effectively showing any or all of the following:

  • Escalation/de-escalation of ICS as the incident escalates/de-escalates
  • ICS training
  • Multi-agency response
  • Chain-of-command
  • Span of control
In addition, the following is desired:
  • Video of incidents where drilling occurred prior to the incident
  • Video of incidents that are not Region specific
  • Video of incidents where there are multiple events occurring simultaneously, e.g., a train derailment involving hazmats, explosions, and fires
  • Audio of command post operations and dialogue
  • Dispatch audio or transcripts
  • Organizational charts
If you have video you are able to provide, please send a copy on or before November 17, 1997 to:

Lou Bloom
Building H. Room 309
16825 S. Seton Ave.
Emmitsburg, MD 21727

You can contact Mr. Bloom with questions at (301) 447-1253; Fax: (301) 447-1005, or lou.bloom@fema.gov.

Please identify a point of contact with corresponding phone/fax number and address for your organization with any future correspondence or shipment.