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“Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen” is the

2020 Fire Prevention Week theme.


          The week of October 4 thru the 10th is National Fire Prevention Week.  Public Education Coordinator, Alan Zygmunt of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection and the Connecticut Fire Academy reminds all Connecticut families that cooking remains as the leading cause of fire in this country.  “A few simple guidelines are important to reduce the chances of a fire caused by cooking,” Zygmunt stated, “Following these few rules will lead to fewer fires and injuries in the kitchen.”

          Stay Focused on the food – Unattended cooking is the leading cause of fires in the kitchen.  Stay close when grilling, frying or broiling. 

          Put a Lid on it – Covering a pot with a lid is the safest and easiest way to control a stove top fire.  Turn the heat off and wait until the fire goes out.

          Keep Cooking Areas Clear – Keep combustible items away from the cooking area and have a 3 foot “Kid Free Zone” around the stove to prevent burn injuries.

          Prevent Scalds and Burns – Turn pot handles away from the stove edge top prevent them from tipping.  Keep your face away from the oven door or any cooking food to prevent the steam from burning you.

Each year fire prevention week is held during the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire which happened on October 9th of 1871.  The week has been recognized nationally every year since 1922.  Check with your local Fire Department to see what events are planned for your community. 

The Connecticut Fire Academy is the teaching arm of the Connecticut Commission on Fire Prevention and Control.  Part of their mission is educating the public in fire and burn prevention.  For additional resources on Fire safety visit http://www.nfpa.org/fpw .