Change your Clocks - Change your Batteries

On November 1, we will change our clocks back to standard time.  For many years the Fire Service along with the International Association of Fire Chiefs and Energizer batteries have used this event to remind people to change the batteries in their Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms.  By ensuring that the batteries in these life-saving tools are fresh, you can double your chances of surviving a home fire.

“Home fires and Carbon Monoxide incidents peak every year during the winter months due to heating systems being used, so it makes sense to change the batteries every fall”, said Alan Zygmunt the Public Fire and Life Safety Coordinator at the Connecticut Fire Academy.  “This simple act can save lives in the state of Connecticut this year.” 

Annually over 3000 Americans lose their lives as a result of fires.  Also, about 500 people die each year in Carbon Monoxide related incidents.  These statistics can be cut drastically by keeping Fire safety in our minds every day!  This year when we “Fall Back” let’s actually “Move Forward” to keep our families safe.