CT Fire Academy Seminar Series 2018

Tuesday, April 3rd 2018

Modern Fire Attack

Chief Peter Van Dorpe

Course Description:  Lightweight energy efficient construction, modern fuels, firefighter encapsulation and manpower reductions have combined to make today’s residential firefight a dramatically new challenge for even the most experienced firefighter. This workshop brings together cutting edge research and best practices to help firefighters develop strategies and tactics for mounting interior fire attacks in modern residential construction. It will assist participants in developing best practices for mounting an intelligent fire attack within these structures, particularly in attics and basements, and whenever they encounter ventilation limited or post flashover conditions.  This workshop will cover the following objectives:

  • Introduce the scope and magnitude of the problem
  • Review the most recent UL/NIST research available
  • Present curriculum on strategies and tactics for the modern fire ground.

Instructor Bio:

Chief Van Dorpe recently retired as Director of the Chicago Fire Department’s Training Division after a 33 year career with the CFD. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Fire Science Management from Southern Illinois University.  He has recently participated as a Subject Matter Expert for UL’s research on "Structural Stability of Engineered Lumber In Fire Conditions", the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s, “Evaluating Firefighting Tactics Under Wind Driven Conditions”, the IAFF/NIST “Firefighter Safety and Deployment Study” in high rise buildings. Chief Van Dorpe is the 2016 recipient of the Fire Engineering/ISFSI George D. Post Instructor of the Year award.

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