CSFA 2015 Firefighters Convention Parade

PARTICIPANTS Communications Exercise


The Connecticut Statewide Fire Rescue Disaster Response Plan will be conducting a training event on Sunday, September 20, 2015 - PRIOR TO THE 2015 CSFA Convention Parade. This exercise is similar to one conducted last year.

The Connecticut Statewide Fire Rescue Disaster Plan will be coordinating communications and tracking of all Fire and Emergency equipment moving to Beacon Falls to participate in this year’s Convention Parade. Please help us communicate with and track vehicles while testing statewide communications.

The scenario is, (any city or town) has been involved in a prolonged event and is in need of assistance. Now multiple, mix type single resources have been requested to report on the morning of September 20, 2015 and will be moving in for check-in and briefing prior to the next operational period which begins with the step off of the parade (approximately noon).

Departments are asked to “sign on” when leaving their stations or quarters for the parade, just as they would when responding to a disaster. In addition to any local radio communications (i.e. to your local dispatch center) we ask that you also use the Statewide inter-agency radio system (8-Call/8-Tac, formerly known as I-Call/I-Tac) and using 8-CALL-90 (Wide Area Calling Channel) sign on with “convention staging” to let the Incident Staging Officer know you are en route.

Example - Convention Staging from (Department & Your radio ID) - Identify who you are calling, then identify yourself

When entering the Town of Beacon Falls please contact “convention staging” on:

1) 8-CALL-90 for Wide Area Communications RX 851.0125 / TX 806.0125 PL 156.7 on both - wide band - Analog

Then you will be directed to switch to a tactical frequency:

2) 8-TAC-93 800MHz for local Tactical Channel RX 852.5125 / TX 807.5125 PL 156.7 on both - wide band - Analog

After arriving units check-in they may be told to switch to one of the following frequencies:

STOCS -2 - VHF, UHF or 800MHz Tactical Channels
VHF - 158.7375 PL 156.7
UHF - 458.7125 PL 156.7
800 - 855.7125 PL 156.7

Additional channels monitored will be:

33.78 Statewide Low Band Fire Channel - Mobile 33.7800 tone 179.9

State Fire Rescue Coordinators will use - 65-CFPC, the State Fire Coordinator Channel DESPP 800MHz State Talk group

Convention Parade Control (Communications) will be operating and monitoring these frequencies, beginning at 0600 the morning of the parade (Sunday, 9/20/15). Please use one of the channels above that is available within the apparatus responding.

If anyone has trouble locating their radio, trouble with the battery or finding the right channel, please feel free to contact your local County Fire Coordinator.

If that person is unavailable, questions can also be referred to Rick Peruta HQ25 860-250-6171

We thank you in advance for participating in this training exercise.