Special CPAT Sessions

The online registration for CPAT is now operating.

The Connecticut Fire Academy is offering two special sessions of CPAT this Summer.  Candidates that register to attend will take CPAT under test conditions.  Those that successfully  pass will receive a CPAT completion certificate.  Registration is limited to 50 candidates per session.  The two special sessions will take place on July 23rd and August 6th beginning at 8am.  The Registration fee is $100 for each session.  Please use the following link to register ONLY for the Special Sessions:

https://ctlms.ct.gov/Saba/Web/Main   All those interested must use the online system.

The CFA is not accepting registrations for the special CPAT sessions over the phone, faxed, or mailed applications.  The regular Fall session of CPAT is also accepting applications thru July 21st.  Registration for the Fall CPAT sessions are not connected with the two special sessions. 

For further information or questions, please contact CPAT Program Manager Jackie-Kilby Richards.

860-264-9285  or jacklyn.kilby-richards@ct.gov