Hollywood Comes to Windsor Locks

During the week of June 7th the training grounds of the Connecticut Fire Academy were transformed into a movie set for Dr. Lee’s new television show “Trace Evidence…The Case Files of Dr. Henry Lee”.   A small set was constructed to replicate a Waterbury biker bar where a women was killed and a fire set to cover up evidence left by the murder.  With the aid and ingenuity of Adjunct Instructors Mike Jepeal (below on right) and Mike Grimaldi (below on left) the fire was recreated to an almost spine tingling mirror image of the original.  The Executive Producer for the show was ecstatic with the results and the efforts of our staff.  

While it appears our Adjuncts won’t be headed to Hollywood any time soon we feel their efforts are worthy of an Academy Award.  Great Job! 

“Trace Evidence…The Case Files of Dr. Henry Lee” appears on CourtTV Wednesday evenings at 10 p.m.  This particular episode is expected to air in approximately six weeks.    

Arson Photo