2017 Seminar Series

May 20, 2017

Extreme Leadership          am session # 17344

Dealing with Negativity    pm session # 17346

Extreme Leadership: During this program we start with learning about your own strengths and weaknesses. We also learn about what really scares you. Leadership starts from within. By doing so we will show you how to become a better leader in life and in the fire service.

This program covers all three phases of great leadership.

1. Intellectual Intelligence,

2. Emotional Intelligence and

3. Personality Based Human Dynamics.

Most leadership programs tell you how to be a better leader with one phase but we show the attendee how to be a better leader with all three. You will learn the 4 different personalities in the firehouse.

Dealing with Negativity: We will teach you how to read, map and identify the four different personalities in your organization. Learn what makes them engage, be motivated or tick. Have you ever asked yourself “What the hell was that guy thinking?” If you have, do you really know who you’re leading? Learn how to provide behavioral modification for leading, coaching and even during disciplinary actions.

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