CPAT Registration Dates

The spring application period for the 2013 CPAT testing will close on Thursday, March 7, 2013.  For additional information and registration form please visit our CPAT information page.

To better help the candidate, the Connecticut Fire Academy has now developed spring and fall CPAT schedules. It is important to understand that all Orientations, Practice Tests and CPAT are based on two registration dates. Applications must be received by the session closing date to be registered for that session. Please note that if you have completed CPAT before and are looking to update your certificate you need to be registered by the scheduled closing dates. The closing dates are listed on the CFA website on the CPAT information page and in the CFA yearly training calendar.

Candidates will be sent a packet containing a participant manual and their assigned Orientation, Practice Test and CPAT dates and times approximately 2-3 weeks after the registration period has closed.