The Council on Environmental Quality will meet on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 at 9:00 AM in the Russell Room, 3rd floor, 79 Elm Street, Hartford.


1.  Call to order; establishment of a quorum

2.  Approval of September 22, 2010 meeting minutes

3.  Chairman's Report

4.  Executive Director's Report

5.  Discussion of Recommendations for Legislation
        -- including the report of the Subcommittee on Wetlands Training Requirements

6.  Citizen Complaints

7.  Review of State Agency Actions

     a. CT Siting Council solicitations for comments re: telecommunications towers in

          1)  Orange(no comments proposed)

          2)  Redding (no comments proposed)

     b. Others

8.  Indicator of the Month (an ongoing review of environmental indicators that are published in the annual report, with discussion of possible revisions):  "In Full Compliance"

9.  Plans for November 17, 2010 Public Forum at Legislative Office Building

10. Other Business

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