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May 21, 2019--The link between plants and Lyme disease to be taught at the New Canaan Library

May 17, 2019--
'Perfect Storm': Ticks Flourish, Lyme Cases Spike As Temperatures Rise

May 13, 2019--
How you can repel disease-carrying ticks without any chemicals

May 9, 2019--
Aggressive Japanese Knotweed is Making Its Way Across U.S., Pushing Out Native Species in its Path

May 8, 2019--
Ledge Light Health District Offering Mosquito Control Assistance

May 3, 2019--
Courtney Tours Gypsy Moth Damage at Pachaug State Forest

April 29, 2019--
Connecticut to Receive New Funding for Tick Research, Danbury Tick Data Shown Below

April 25, 2019--
Scientists Tackle Connecticut’s Tick Problem

April 23, 2019--Mosquito season is slowly approaching in CT

April 23, 2019--
Milford starts annual battle with mosquitoes

April 23, 2019--
Middletown losing dozens of trees to Emerald Ash Borer infestation

April 22, 2019--
Robert Miller: Pollinator pathways blossoming across the region

April 21, 2019--
Four takeaways from ag census and what it means for Connecticut

April 19, 2019--
Asian longhorn tick continues northward march

April 17, 2019--
Tickproof Your Yard Without Spraying: 5 steps to keep the disease-transmitting pests at bay

April 16, 2019--
Connecticut towns forced to deal with ash tree infestation

April 13, 2019--Connecticut’s tick season is starting, and so is a new statewide program to monitor ticks

April 12, 2019--
New tick surveillance program launched

April 11, 2019--Connecticut launches statewide tick surveillance program

April 10, 2019--Green and Growing: Small ways to be a good neighbor to small creatures

April 10, 2019--Small Ways to be a Good Neighbor to Small Creatures

April 7, 2019--Candlewood Lake area residents asked to mail in soil samples

March 14, 2019--Rescued owl takes flight

March 13, 2019--
Agriculture Day at the Capital

March 13, 2019--
Will Connecticut residents see less ticks this summer?

March 5, 2019--Managing The Deer Population
March 4, 2019--‘Hemp will thrive’ in CT, retired farmer tells lawmakers

February 22, 2019--All-Star Speaker Lineup Highlights Upcoming Public Health Virtual Conference

February 14, 2019--
Pollen Sleuths: Tracking Pesticides in Honey Bee Pollen to Their Source Plant
February 13, 2019--Every ash tree in CT to die within the decade

February 12, 2019--Tracking Pesticide Residues to a Plant Genus Using Palynology in Pollen Trapped from Honey Bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae) at Ornamental Plant Nurseries

February 9, 2019--What a hoot: Barred owls showing up in ‘funny places’

February 7, 2019--
Recent temps make fate of Candlewood’s pesky milfoil uncertain