Integrated Insect Management Pesticide Guide

Integrated Insect Management Pesticide Guide for Connecticut Arborists, Nursery Professionals, and Christmas Tree Growers

This database has been prepared by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station with the support of the Connecticut Tree Protective Association for use by professional arborists, nursery operators and Christmas tree growers.The information in this database is for guidance only, and should in no way be construed as providing pesticide recommendations. This database includes information on pesticides legally registered for use in the State of Connecticut, and every effort is made to keep the pesticide information up-to-date.However pesticide registrations change frequently.It is the responsibility of the pesticide user to comply with pesticide labels. The label is the law.

Integrated Insect Management Pesticide Guide

The above link will take you to the Integrated Insect Management Pesticide Guide search form.  This form will allow you to search for insects and mites that are pests on trees, shrubs and other plants in the landscape, the nursery or Christmas tree farm.  Please contact Rose Hiskes,, (203) 974-8505 with questions related to this form or the web-based IPM database in general.