Private Pond, Woodbridge


2015 Aquatic Plant Survey Map of Private Pond, Woodbridge

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       This small private pond is located at a private residence in Woodbridge, CT.  Our CAES IAPP 2015 aquatic plant survey found seven native species and no invasive species.  Potamogeton pusillus (small pondweed) was the most dominant submersed plant covering a majority of the shallow bottom of the pond.  Najas gracillima (nodding waternymph) and Utricularia gibba (humped bladderwort) were also found frequently along the shoreline.  Free floating Lemna minor (common duckweed) and Wolffia species (watermeal) covered the pond.

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Species recorded in our 2015 aquatic plant survey of Private Pond, Woodbridge.  Click on a plant to view herbarium mount. (Invasive species in bold)
Lemna minor
Wolffia species

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